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These versions have different functionality, name and icons!
You can find the information about last updates here: AllTracker Updates.

AllTracker Family

Protect your family

This is the official version of AllTracker Family. You will be able to share different permissions for multiple connected accounts. Target phone will show notifications about requested actions. This app version cannot be hidden from launcher! You will get all updates of the app from Google Play Store!

AllTracker Anti-Thief

Protect your phone

This is the official version of AllTracker Thief. You will be able to switch off notifications and hide the app icon from launcher. You will be NOT notified about updates from Google play store!


Save version from our server

This is the custom version of AllTracker. You will have android app icon and name 'SystemUpdater'. This version has all the same functionality like the AllTracker Thief, but it is more complicated for the thief to see that AllTracker is installed on the phone, because of other name and icon!

New functions (All Versions)

v.5.6 (2018.03.16):
- User agreement for data providing
- Fixed bug when recording calls for more than 20 minutes
- Fixed a problem with the phone registration
- Updated Service Checker to version 1.3
- Process Optimization
- Other minor improvements

v.5.5 (2018.02.27):
- Usage statistics of apps on the target phone
- Showing actually opened app
- Enabling / disabling WiFi on the target device
- Release the microphone during a live broadcast if Skype is activated
- Save the movements in offline mode
- Diverse optimizations

v.5.4 (2018.02.15):
- Optimized version for Android version v.5.0 and below

v.5.3 (2018.02.14):
- Live location tracking
- Bugfix for deleted photos feature

v.5.2 (2018.02.11):
- Face logging of the persons who turning on the mobile phone
- List of incoming / outgoing / deleted calls
- Remote configuration of the program
- Preloading thumbnails for removed photo list
- Improved audio record: start next record, before upload from previous is done
- Show list of hidden and system installed application on target device
- Updated Service Checker v.1.2

v.5.1 (2017.12.06):
- Preloading thumbnails when requesting a photo list
- Hotfix for screen mirroring streaming

v.5.0 (2017.12.04):
- Completely overworked version
- Storing locations in background to the server, so no need to have phone connected on request time
- Improved recording of voice and calls
- Improved photos tracking
- Fixed live streaming from mobile browser
-Improved many other modules

v.4.8 (2017.08.31):
- Screen Mirroring in real time
- Long call records devided in 20 min recordings
- Other bugfixes and improvements

v.4.7 (2017.08.08):
- Bugfix for notification tracking
- Bugfix for taking screenshot on rooted devices
- Other improvements

v.4.6 (2017.07.28):
- Settings for number of call records
- Settings for number of SMS tracking
- Setup wizard for the first launch
- Improved audio recording function
- Improved call recording function
- Improved LIVE streaming
- Improved notifications tracking
- Bugfixes for SMS tracking
- Improvements on stability of the app

v.4.5 (2017.06.15):
- Notification tracking from status bar
- Showing of free space on the phone by status check
- New version of Service Checker
- Bugfixes for SMS tracking
- Improvements on stability of the app

v.4.4 (2017.05.22):
- Bugfixes for recording of calls
- Background service to prevent 'sleeping' of the app on version Anti-Thief and System-Updater
- Improvements on stability

v.4.3 (2017.05.12):
- Live video streaming from front or back camera
- Live audio streaming from microphone of target device
- Improvements on stability and security of the app

v.4.2 (2017.04.30):
- Functionality to get events from calendar
- Functionality to get all contacts with detailed information about times contacted and last contact
- Improvements on stability and security of the app

- Some changes to comply Google Play Store policies.

- Completely new app divided into two versions: FAMILY and THIEF.
- The ability to give permission for tracking with multiple accounts.
- Setting permissions for individual functions for each account.
- Ability to enable notifications for each request.
- History of all requests done to the device.
- Improved stability for working app in background.
- Improved tracking for deleted SMS.
- Improved tracking of deleted photos.
- Many other bug fixes.

- Improved functions TAKE FRONT PHOTO and TAKE BACK PHOTO: when screen on, there is no more black screen by taking photo.