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AllTracker Communication Monitoring

Dear AllTracker users!
As you already know, we are working on a new concept for the AllTracker application, which involves breaking down all the features into separate modules.
You can read more about the advantages of the modular AllTracker compared to the classic version in this article: Which version of AllTracker should be downloaded and installed on whose device?
We are pleased to announce that the second module - AllTracker Communication Monitoring - is now available for download. Key features include:

  Web Activity Monitoring: Receive a detailed list of visited websites to stay informed about your child's online interests and behavior;

  App Installation Control: Stay updated on the installed applications on your child's device and monitor their usage;

  Keylogger: View text messages in popular messengers, allowing you to stay aware of all your child's chats and conversations;

  Notifications: Get information about incoming notifications on your child's device, including leading messengers, to stay aware of their interactions;

  Unlimited number of remote smartphones/tablets for monitoring;

AllTracker Communication Monitoring
Google Play
UPDATE of AllTracker Family on Google Play
Many of you have already noticed that it is currently not possible to download AllTracker Family and AllTracker Business versions from Google Play. We are actively working on this issue, and the release of the Communication Monitoring module is one of the steps towards bringing AllTracker Family back to Google Play. The problem lies in the fact that Google has denied us the use of the AccessibilityService API in this version. Therefore, in the next update of AllTracker Family, which will be available on Google Play, the Keylogger and Browser History features will be unavailable. If you are using AllTracker Family version, we recommend either not updating the application to retain the existing features, or installing the additional AllTracker Communication Monitoring module. All its functions are already included in the Ultimate subscription. If you already have this subscription, you do not need to subscribe again.
We are constantly working to improve the app and service in general. If you have any wishes or suggestions, then write to us through the support service. Perhaps your wishes will be included in the next version!
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