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Live monitoring: Video Audio Screen Calls SMS Camera Saved Photos Deleted Photos GPS Locations Incoming Messages from WhatsApp / Facebook / Viber / Telegram / Vk etc. Calendar Contacts And Many More...

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Protect your children!

Talk to and decide with your child what kind of data you would like to receive from the device. The child must decide for himself what kind of access he wants to grant to you.

For example, you can access the camera and microphone and thus, in case of emergency, connect to the phone and see in real time what exactly is happening with your child at the moment.

The child will be sure that he will not be missing, and that the parents are always aware of where to find him.

Keep Your Home Under Control!

Every day in USA happens about 5.470 burglaries. Do you want to protect yourself from these statistics and keep your property save?

  • Install on one of your old phones the AllTracker application and leave it at home in a safe place
  • On vacation or at work, look at any moment through the camera, what happens in your house or your apartment
  • Take a picture of the scammer or record the sound of his conversation with an accomplice
Enjoy the control of your property!

Take Control of Your Company Equipment!

You would like to know the location of your work devices and that they’re used for work and not gaming or private stuff?

With Alltracker you can:

  • Check anytime how often the work device is used to log in on social network
  • Check anytime how often the work device is used for private calls
  • Check anytime the location of your work devices

You will not believe what you can get remotely from the phone!

Overview of the most important: battery status, phone call status, network connections, GPS, screen status, memory usage, etc., as well as current location, used app, report on the collected data and much more.


Find out where on the map is the lost or stolen phone!

Call recordings

Listen to the recordings of all telephone conversations!


Get information about the physical activity of the owner of the device when he was walking, running, standing still or driving in a car!


Read incoming, outgoing and deleted SMS!

Call log

Get a list of recent calls!


See up to 500 events in the calendar!


Get all contacts with details!

Installed apps

View the list of all installed apps!

Usage statistics

Check app usage statistics!

Location history

See the path of movement of the monitored device on the map!

Unlocking photos

See who unlocked or tried to unlock the monitored device!


View incoming messages from the notification panel from any apps, such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, Viber and all others!

Sound record

Record and listen to the surround sound from the microphone!


View pictures and photos stored on a monitored device! They can be from various messengers, emails or made on camera!


Take photos on the front or rear camera of the monitored device and look at it on your device!

Camera streaming

Watch live video streaming from any of the cameras!


View videos (up to 100 MB per file) stored on a monitored device! They can be from various messengers, emails or made on camera!

Screen streaming

See live what's happening on the screen!

Mic streaming

Listen to the live audio from the microphone!


Listen to all audio files, like music, voice messages from WhatsApp, Facebook, VK ect., stored on a monitored device!

Deleted photos

View deleted pictures and photos!

Location tracking

Watch the movement of the device on the map in real time!

Request history

See one of the requests previously sent to the target device! The request history is stored for 30 days.

File archive

See all files previously uploaded to the server! The file archive is stored for 30 days.


Monitor all text entries on the target device. These include: all chat messages, for example from WhatsApp, VK, Viber, Messenger, Facebook, etc. Also entered website addresses in the browser, regardless of whether the browser is in visible or incognito mode.

Browser history

Monitor all the visited websites on the target device, regardless of whether the browser is in incognito mode or not. Supported browsers: Chrome, Opera, Opera Mini, Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Tor.