AllTracker  - Protect Yourself and Your Family!

Track your phone remotely from PC or other mobile phone with AllTracker!

AllTracker Family

Do you want your family to always know where you are and what you do? Just install AllTracker Family on your phone and start sharing your data. You can e.g. share your location with your parents or give your partner a total access to your phone.

You will be notified about each request send to your phone. All requests are saved in a log, so you can always see who has what requested on which date.

There are many use cases for the app, e.g.:

  • You are driving to your family on weekend, and want you parents to track where you are, and how long you need to get there.
  • You leave your home and want see what happens within your room. With AllTracker you can just take photos from the phone camera or record voice from the microphone, and see e.g. what your pet is doing at the moment.
  • If you are a big company and want to track all company phones.
  • If you and your girlfriend/boyfriend love each other and want one another to always know all about each other’s lives, just share the SMS chats, call records, and your photo gallery. You will always be notified if he/she requested something from your phone.

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Check status

Check phone status, whether it is on, has Internet, can response, etc...

Read SMS

Read last 50 incoming, outgoing and deleted SMS of your phone!

Get call list

Get a call log of last 20 calls from your phone!

Get browser history

Get the last 30 visited web sites on phone from chrome browser!

Get location

Detect location of your phone if you have lost it or if it has been stolen!

Last moves

Get moving path known in the last week of your phone!

Take front photo

Make photo of front camera remotely from your PC to see who stole your phone!

Take back photo

Make photo of back camera remotely from your PC to see where your phone is!

Live Video

Live video streaming from phone's camera!

Record voice

Record voice of your phone and hear it on your PC!

Live Audio

Live audio-streaming from microphone of your device

Call records

Show the list of last 20 recorded voice calls of your phone!

See photos

Show the list of last 50 photos saved on the phone! These photos are from e.g. WhatsApp, Emails or Camera!

Deleted photos

Show last 30 deleted photos!

Take screenshot

Take screenshot of your phone display!

Check Calendar

View up to 500 events from the calendar!

Show contacts

See all contacts from the device!

Read Notifications

Read notifications come from WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, VK or other from status-bar!